Upcoming Performances

Don’t worry fellas – contrary to the attention-grabbing title, there will be no male bashing about this beautiful show! It is simply a celebration of the feminine in music: a concert featuring female composers and female performers. Join pianist/composer Andrea Rackl, flutist Debbie Arthur, oboist Gail Ridenour, and guest appearance 15-year-old composer/pianist Ruth Skelton in a concert of music by Cecile Chaminade, Madeline Dring, Yuko Uebayashi, Laura Pettigrew, Su Livingston and more. Everyone is invited to the 11/18 show, and on 11/17 we invite only those identifying as female.

Tickets go on sale Monday 10/16/23: $10 students, $25 and up for general admission

Friday, Nov. 17th, 7 p.m.

…in a Bellingham home in Sunnyland Neighborhood – this show is for the ladies

Saturday, Nov. 18th, 3 p.m

…in a Bellingham home on South Hill – this show is for everyone and is ADA accessible


Musical A – Z: Part Three, G-H-I

In this third installment of the Musical A to Z project, Piano Duo Cascadia (Kay Zavislak and Jensina Oliver) will perform solo numbers as well as piano duets.  Please join us to discover who the mystery G, H, and I composers are!  Seating is extremely limited — the event will be held at the home of one of our generous supporters.

Tickets go on sale in December: $10 students, $25 and up for general admission

Friday, Jan. 19th, 7 p.m.

…in a Bellingham home on South Hill

Saturday, Jan. 20th, 1 p.m.

…in a Bellingham home on South Hill


More concerts for our 2023 – 2024 season are in the works. Stay tuned…


Interviews with Performers

In preparation for our 2022-2023 season, we interviewed some of our performances so that you could get to know them!

Victoria Ebel-Sabo

“My instrument is the grand piano, which I have played since childhood, and now, I am Mother Earth’s instrument.”

-Victoria Ebel-Sabo


Samantha Sinai

“My guiding question as a performer is: How can I bring the inherent power of music to people in meaningful, accessible ways?”

-Samantha Sinai

Kay Zavislak

Photo Credit: Steve Korn

“I feel I’m most communicative when I play as if I’m telling a story to the audience”

-Kay Zavislak

Andrea Rackl

” If I can find something original and meaningful to say, I believe it has the potential to touch others”

-Andrea Rackl